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GSLV Mark III blasts off successfully

India's heaviest rocket GSLV Mark III blasts off successfully
HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, December 18, 2014
First Published: 09:35 IST(18/12/2014) | Last Updated: 10:09 IST(18/12/2014)

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) launched its heaviest rocket GSLV-Mk III on Thursday at 9:30am from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

ISRO launches India's heaviest rocket GSLV Mark 3 (Photo courtesy- DD News)

This comes less than three months after Isro successfully launched Mangalyaan – a spacecraft orbiting Mars – catapulting India to the elite league of nations who have successfully sent missions to the red planet.

GSLV Mk III is conceived and designed to make India fully self reliant in launching heavier communication satellites of INSAT-4 class, which weigh 4500 to 5000 kg. It would also enhance the capability of the country to be a competitive player in the multimillion dollar commercial launch market.

“It is an experimental mission of GSLV MkIII towards launching heavier satellites,’ Isro chairperson K Radhakrishnan told HT.

It is designed to be a three stage vehicle, with 42.4 m tall with a lift off weight of 630 tonnes.

“This is a suborbital flight, carrying a crew module which will go up to a height of 120 km and then descend,”

Space Applications Centre director Dr Kiran Kumar said: "There will be a crew module as a dummy payload and cryogenic engine for weight simulation. The experimental flight with the crew module in a spacecraft will test whether its heat shield can survive very high temperatures during its re-entry into the atmosphere.”

The MkIII will also test the recovery of a dummy crew module from sea. The success of the module will be the core for a future Human Space Project

A few years back Isro  had carried out a similar experiment on a smaller scale in which the module had orbited around the earth for 15 days before entering back.



      coggocog • 5 minutes ago

    How many geosychronous satellites India needs? Railways are planning to stop concessional railways passes. Mostly students use them. Railways make four paisas per rupee. ISRO scientists, work for pittance. The best talent available for space science has been used for a long period of time. The final stage of manned mission, may take several years from now. Till that time, budgetary allocations, meager as they are, cannot sustain any gains achieved so far.
    Modi likes India to shine but he has no money after his defense spending. Add to that the cost of building one hundred smart cities, bullet trains serving only very rich and very connected folks of Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Gujarati-friends of Modi, Modi needs to rob banks. PSBs?

    Something is wrong. I want to know. Don't you?

    Hare Daridri Narayan!

    ...and I am Sid Harth

        coggocog • 21 minutes ago

    Financial Performance, 2013-14
    Given the promising trend of loading, th
    e target has been scaled up to about
    1052 million tonnes from th
    e budget target of 1047 m
    illion tonnes. However, the
    average lead of freight traffic is falling, an
    d is likely to be 622 km against budgeted
    644.5 km. Yet, we are confid
    ent of surpassing the freigh
    t earnings target which has
    been increased to Rs 94,000 crore from
    Rs. 93,554 crore in Budget Estimates.
    Considering the trend of passe
    nger earnings, the revised target has been kept at Rs
    37,500 crore.
    There has been continuing
    strong inflationary pres
    sure on the input costs,
    especially the cost of fuel, both HSD Oil an
    d electrical energy. There has also been
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    safety categories, additional dearness
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    the rate from 4% to 5%.
    Considering the trend of earnings and
    expenditure, the revised plan outlay
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    continuing the ha
    ppy trend of 2012-
    13, and in a marked improvement from the
    two earlier years, Rail
    ways will end the
    current year with surplus, and fund balances
    would increase from Rs 2,391 crore at
    the beginning of current fiscal to Rs 8,018
    crore at the end of March, 2014. This is
    primarily attributable to strict fiscal
    discipline enforced by the organisation.
    Budget Estima
    tes, 2014-15
    Madam, I shall now deal with the
    Budget Estimates for 2014-15.
    Anticipating a healthier
    growth of economy, the fr
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    The Budget Estimates for goods, passe
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    ectively in 2014-15.
    The Gross Traffic Receipts have
    been projected at Rs.
    1,60,775 crore.
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    coggocog • 33 minutes ago

    Budget at a Glance
    (Rs. in Crores)
    AREA BE 2013-2014 RE 2013-2014 BE 2014-2015
    Space Technology
    Space Applications
    686.47 593.02 794.45
    INSAT Operational
    1580.21 1035.8
    5 1448.21
    Space Sciences
    521.29 404.50 418.30
    Direction & Administration
    and Other Programmes
    134.38 173.67
    Grand Total

Source: HT

...and I am Sid Harth

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