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BJP's Coal Block Scandal


BJP's Coal Block Scandal New Coal Bill extends blanket ...
1 day ago - BJP's Coal Block Scandal New Coal Bill extends blanket protection to govt officials Our Bureau Comment (23) Piyush Goyal Ads by Google Don't Buy An Annuity.

New Coal Bill extends blanket protection to govt officials

Our Bureau
Comment (23)  
Piyush Goyal
Piyush Goyal
Govt bodies too get cover; TMC, Left object to legislation that replaces the Ordinance
The Centre is taking steps to protect government officials involved in allotting coal blocks from prosecutions and legal proceedings.
The Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Bill, introduced in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday to replace an Ordinance, states: “No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against the Central Government, nominated authority, commissioner of payment or designated custodian or any person acting on their behalf in respect of anything which is done or intended to be done in good faith under this Act.” While introducing the Bill, the Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy, Piyush Goyal, assured Lok Sabha that the Government does not seek to de-nationalise coal mines.
Stake in Joint ventures
The Bill stipulates that a private sector entity cannot own more than 26 per cent in public-private joint ventures in case of coal block allocations.
However, if there is more than one private sector entity in a venture, then their total stake should not exceed 49 per cent. The Bill also prohibits government companies from alienating or transferring any interest in such joint ventures by taking loans or advances from banks or financial institutions.
The need for such a law arose after the Supreme Court on September 24 de-allocated 204 blocks given between 1993 and 2010.
The Bill gives a clear roadmap for the Centre to auction/allocate coal blocks. The Centre proposes to empower a Tribunal to resolve disputes between a successful bidder and prior allottee.
The Bill’s introduction saw opposition from Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy, who said it “would open the door for de-nationalisation of coal mines” and the giving away of the energy sector to private players.
Supported by the Left parties, Roy said the legislation nullified the Coal Mines Nationalisation Act of 1973 and allowed “total exploitation” of mines and the people.
Amid protests, Goyal said it was necessary for the Centre to come up with a solution, which is why an Ordinance was brought in to avert a crisis in power generation due to the lack of coal.
(This article was published on December 10, 2014) 
The govt servants should have protection only for judgemental error and not corrupt actions. They should not have protection against corrupt practices as they are not part of job. Actually govt should catch and punish more persons with disproportioate assets.

Coal allocation should be need based and according to existing capacity of power generating projects. In this sector either private or public sector, coal requirements must be duly met by a govt. for sustained industrial and economic growth. Here there are instances of revengeful attitude by Govt, and Judiciary towards Industrial units. If one industry is a failure the entire Industrial production data is affected. Labourers, investors, traders , logistics , govt. (by,shortage of revenue )etc are affected . Often judiciary virdicts are withour considering the pulsation of economic conditions here. For example coal issue and related virdict of court against core sector, TATA STEEL yesterday resultd panic sell pressure and very steep fall, in Stock market to-day. Judiciary is affected by the trend........ ?.

  K J George Karrikkoottathil   So the misdeeds of all the govt. officials and depts. committed during the UPA/Congress rule of the country in connections with the Coal field scam are absolved and made them Scott free. This clearly shows that the blame/accusations against the UPA rule and involvement in the coalfield was only an election issue and no more an issue deserving any debate or action of any kind. God save this country. From now on wards anybody can make any matter an election issue and after the election totally forgotten about i

 Dr. MANAS  
This bill fully exposes BJP's monumental corruption in Coal sector for which the party was indicted by the Supreme Court. This bill brings to light the nexus between the ruling party and the bureaucracy to save each other's skin from being burnt by the fire of corruption. This is a clear breach of trust with people who voted BJP to power on the promise of transparency, no corruption and good governance. Never before in India a ruling party has belied its election promises so soon after winning election. This conclusively proves that BJP's all election promises were false and were never meant to be realized. BJP is thus a party of peddlers of false promises to manipulate electoral process.

How will you decide whether the decision is in good faith or or not without investigation.It amounts to giving immunity against corruption. No investigation,no corruption case and free for all. Great mechanism to curb corruption.

Why not privatize the entire lot, auction it and let the highest bidder find the best use for the resource? Instead we endure a steady drip-drip of very limited movement towards the clear stream of competition and private entrepreneurship
Why did BJP blame UPA. They opened up coal in good faith . This is double standards. BJP is covering their back sides. Modi and his so called team is a farce who won elections on lies and deceit predicated on false promises
It is wrong. The decision will be taken after the officials put up note and approved by the Minister. If any favouritism to any one without collusion of officials, Minister is unable take a final decision. If any Minister coerced the official, he will simply reject it or to dissent it. If the present provision is comes into effect the officials without fear looted with the ministers. Oh! It is a green signal for the officials to render help to the industrialists favoured by Modi.

Already most of the govt officials are corrupt. This blanket protection will only encourage them. Modi and his team should not forget they were elected for their anti corruption promises. Now it seems they are going to foster it as against abolition. Beware BJP. please at least think of next election in your self interest.

Such bills to provide blanket protection to officials to be corrupt, follow as per directives of their political bosses, who favor industrial houses beneficial to them, even if country's national resources are being robbed and looted. This is ACHE DIN FOR CORRUPT OFFICIALS, POLITICIANS AND COUNTRY LOOTING AND ONLY PROFIT MOTIVATED INDUSTRIALISTS.

Wrong step by the Mr Modi Government by protecting . How will one know that they have done in good faith. Govt officers/officials are at the mercy of politicians/corp orates. BJP is famous for its closeness with big people Politicians will earn by ordering the bureaucracy and the bureaucracy will also start to earn since they are "protected" Started the fall of BJP Govt in the next Lok sabha election since people voted for anti corruption and transparency are slowly getting dejected

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