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Delhi Rape, Revisited

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Delhi gang rape indecent protest by Hindu girls

The Delhi gang rape protests looked like anarchy. Initially the protests were peaceful but later it  became violent, protesters even killed one police man. 99.5% Non-Muslim people were protesting against Congress government and asking for the rapists to be hanged. But government doesn't have the power to hang anyone. It is the job of the judiciary. They even demanded changes in rape laws which again is not in the hands of the government and cannot be done overnight, its in the hands of the parliament. So the logical thing would have been to protest outside the parliament and Delhi high court.
Every country no matter how democratic it may be tries to suppress protesters. USA and countries of Europe are very harsh on such protests. The congress government was very patient and lenient that they allowed protests to continue for so many days in spite of the protests causing law and order problem, disrupting transportation, death of police man etc...
The rape victim and her boy friend were wounded and unconsciously lying on the road side for hours. People who saw them did not do anything, they just watched them and moved ahead. So people who saw them didn't even call an ambulance, for hours they were lying on the road side. That was precious time for the victim, the rape victim could have survived had any one called the ambulance instantly.
Why didn't the protesters protest against those people ? Hypocrisy isn't it.  They protested against the Congress government as if the government was god like and controlled everything.  Congress government handled the situation very well, their hands were tied government can never punish any one its the job of judiciary and congress doesn't control judiciary, its a separate institution but those goons were protesting and threatening the government to hang the rapists, how absurd when government doesn't have the power to do so.
Protesters should have attacked the parliament, overthrown the constitution and then hang the rapists instead of protesting against the Congress.

Honestly these Hindu girls just need a reason to show their body. They just find a reason to expose their skin and get some attention.
This is extremely unacceptable she didn't get any other piece of cloth, using Indian flag in such a way is highly objectionable . Totally disrespecting our Indian flag.
Protesting against rape or provoking rape ?

See that Hindu girl in the middle. Did you notice what she has written on her poster ?
"Just because I show my legs doesn't mean I spread them
This girl has proved us right that Hindu girls love to show their body. Using such obscene language shows her character and lack of good family values and morals. In a moment of grief using such language wont do any good to anyone except spreading vulgarity.

The girl above is concerned about skirt and defending short and revealing clothes. First these girls willingly wear revealing clothes to expose their skin and to attract men then say my clothes are not responsible. Truly European and American culture has overshadowed Indian culture.

Look at her she is saying - "Ignore my lipstick and listen to what i am trying to tell ...... " .
I never paid attention to your lips but you made be look at them by saying so.
Isn't it stupid first you are dressing to show and seek attention then saying don't look.
Is she protesting, does it look from her face that she is sad ?
In a sad moment she is smiling away and using that platform to seek attention, having a happy photo session, this is Hindu girl for you.

Flipping the middle finger, such an indecent gesture which is unacceptable in any civilized society. Clearly as we have said before and say it again western and European culture has replaced the Indian culture. Non-Muslim girls totally adopting western culture and kicking Indian values.

The girl with that big poster says - "If I am a woman and if I walk nude on the road then also you dont have any right to rape me".
Wearing indecent clothes is not enough to grab attention now they are considering roaming naked on the road. 
Now if  you roam naked on the road and if something happens to you then you can't say, it was't my fault, even if legally you are not guilty morally you will be and that's exactly what they have forgotten 'morals'.

So the girl is justifying drinking. Mini skirts to expose more body, looks concerned short clothes doesn't get banned.
Being out at night- Who wants to go into lions den? This is actually stupid when you know in most cases Indian streets are not safe at night all kinds of junkies, criminals and drunken people roam at night, knowingly why you want to get into trouble If the streets were safe at night like they are in places like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar then who is stopping you from roaming at night and it is impossible for the police to secure every inch of the city but the problem is that these girls want to copy European and American girls in each and every sphere of life.

In fact there are many girls like her who justify drinking. This is what they need to see.
These are statistics of USA, the country which they try to copy.
Drug use, especially alcohol, is frequently involved in rape. A study reported detailed findings related to tactics. In 47% of such rapes, both the victim and the perpetrator had been drinking. In 17%, only the perpetrator had been. 7% of the time, only the victim had been drinking. Rapes where neither the victim nor the perpetrator had been drinking were 29% of all rapes.
So even in a country like USA most of the time rape occurs when either the victim or the perpetrator or both the victim and the perpetrator are drunk.

"Kapde Nahi Soch Badlo"
Kapdo ki kitni chinta hai.
Pehle ye apna jism dikhati hai, aise kapde pehanti hai jisme mard inki taraf nazar dale unko dekhe aur fir bolti hai sooch badlo wah wah wah.
Rape victim ki chinta karne k bajaye kapdo ki chinta kar rahi hai.

"Telling us what to wear ask your sons not to rape"
Yet another girl instead of condoling the rape and protesting against it concerned about clothes.

"Don't tell me how to dress" 
 Another Hindu girl concerned that no one lays objection on her clothes, her revealing clothes doesn't get snatched.
Again in a moment of grief just concerned about clothes.

Looks very raged concerned about her body basically indicating she has the right to wear anything she wants, she has the right to expose her body. Again lack of good family values.

Buddhist girl saying - "don't look at me with pervert eyes". If you are so concerned then why don 't you wear something modest put on hijab and dump the jeans.

Final words:

This is an ambivalent attitude of women, they amble wearing skimpiest of dresses but don't expect to be watched by unpleasant person but they want to be ogled by selected men whom they like.
Everybody will see the chicken with same eyes, its like showing a red rag to a bull and expecting it to be calm and composed, its the nature no one can control, ask yourself ,don't you feel amorous when u see an extraordinary handsome guy, if its not happening seriously its time for medical checkup.

Its funny, saying we will wear anything we want but don't stare at us is biggest paradoxical statement I have ever heard.
You think men are feeling-less eunuchs, when they see a woman in figure revealing clothes, they don't feel anything or get provoked? The word “provocative clothes” can you think into why it was named so?

You are trying to confront a basic feeling with which people are born with – hunger, thirst, a need to be recognized, carnal pleasures etc.. are needs of a man. You cant say I will put an aromatic Biryani in front of a hungry person and yet expect him to move over and blame him entirely for trying to have at least a spoon of it.
The blame is shared,  men for trying to have something not his, and the person who put it in front of him to have incited the act.

While wearing clothes, for both men and women, as per the very natural instincts they will always think that how the opposite sex would find them- attractive, beautiful, hot etc. Now here is the point, if the opposite sex would not find them attractive they would be highly disappointed. So subconsciously or consciously they would want the Men to look at them. Its obvious that the men would look at the revealing body parts as it attracts them. Thinking is something which we cannot predict, as both men and women sometimes may have wrong notions about each other by seeing the appearance, for example; a guy wearing sleeveless t-shirt or an undershirt outside, would be considered by lots of women as showing off his body or a hoodlum. which may not be the case. thinking inside the brain we cannot change. There is a lot of hypocrisy in India.

Non-Muslim girls surely wear clothes to please themselves and also to attract the attention of other men, no girl can ever deny that (except for those who are lesbian or homosexual), but still if men look or feel  aroused, they will quickly judge them, paradoxical. Knowingly sometimes they would arouse or provoke men but then as per women, men should not look or pass comments. Its a fact that sometimes some non-Muslim women really like to show off their body same as like some men. Here women can look pass comments and have fun and even tease, but if a man looks then its an insult for them and as per women, men should not do that, this is really contradictory.

So this is the logic of Indian non-Muslim women - "I will wear a micro mini skirt even to the extent that u can see my undergarment but you will not get aroused, its not meant for you, I can dress up the way i want."  So does she dresses up like that to please herself or her female friends?  See how hypocrite, double standard and contradictory Indian non-Muslim women are.

It seems as if now Indian men before leaving their homes everyday should pray to God that please don't show me girls in less clothes as it diverts attention and causes hormonal tides which could get us in trouble. Its not easy for a decent person to control his amorous thought, he has to fight really hard to avoid spiking testosterone and adrenalin level.
Its a humble request to non-Muslim women that please let us live peacefully by wearing decent clothes.

These non-Muslim girls say that they can do what ever they want, they can go to night clubs, pubs, bars even at 12'o clock at night, they can even drink consume alcohol but no men has the right to stare at them or say anything to them. So basically they want to do all kinds of dirty activities and still expect men to not even look at them.

These girls say that they are very open minded but actually they are closed minded because they don't want to change themselves they say they can do anything they want they can even roam naked on the road and wear anything its their choice. They can do all the immodest and dirty activities like drinking going to pubs etc .
They  don't want to change themselves and even if someone advises them to dress decently and be modest they get raged and on the other hand they want men to entirely change themselves, shows how closed minded they are. Its like 'you do everything and I will do nothing and still I will get all the salary'.

Even if the police or anybody else tells them don't roam on roads after 11'o clock they get fumed. See the closed mindedness here. This is not Europe this is India and Indian roads are not safe at night, all kinds of criminals and junkies roam on roads at night and its impossible for police to secure each and every inch of the city. These girls are trying hard to copy western culture. In Europe and USA I have seen there is very little difference between day and night as opposed to most Indian cities which remains totally shut at night and looks like ghost cities.

The blame is shared,  men for trying to have something not his, and the person who put it in front of him to have incited the act. They are fighting against the basic human nature and can never win.
This is where Islam is such a great religion. In Islam women are not allowed to dress indecently like non-Muslims girls do. Muslim women cover themselves and live with dignity. Even more than 1400 years ago Islam rightly suggested women to cover themselves and dress modestly which is the need of the hour even today in India.

Non-Muslim girls in India carry out indecent protests, Slut Walks are on a rise. These kind of protests are not going to solve the problem except spreading indecency. 
Slut Walk is useless, it started from Canada and USA and it couldn't the problem there how can it solve the problem in India, USA is still a country where highest number of rapes occur.
In such protests they only blame others like hypocrites using vulgar comments and fail to put forward any kind of solution, blaming others is not going to solve the problem.

Rape hypocrisy is not going to solve the problem. The only solution is that they learn some modesty and decency in dressing and dump all the Western activities like night clubs, discos, drinking liquor etc. They should shape themselves according to India, live accordingly and not try to copy the west.
If this doesn't stop then Sharia law would be the only solution.


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  4. What these girls say is 100% right. What will you do idiot if someone cuts your dick or castrate you...Likewise rape is imposed on to a girl cause of people with shit and ghatiya mentality like yours... Be reasonable always thinking about sex and fuck is what is problem of you people. And let me tell you that no culture is being devalued in my country although clothing and all do change with time. You should adapt to these changes and I am dead sure that most of these girls are more cultured and much more decent than you. What they are pointing out is just and what you are pointing out shows your values and how much you people respect women. Its sorry to state that your education is completely wasted as it could not teach you about human nature and the rights of girls and women to do as they want as much as you fucking do what you want. And what if a girl exposes herself. Its because she is comfortable in that attire not because she seeks attention from perverts like you people. And if people like you will come out moral policing and again subduing women of this country let me tell you that you will be flushed out of society like a worm. Just dont forget that 45% of our population is young and open minded like these girls above... you better not mess with them...
  5. Being a girl, I admire the first picture shown above. Here on the left a dark girl exposing her body is shown. She is sexiest girl. I envy her. Although I am also dark,but did not get an opportunity to expose like her. I would like to know her name. My bfs also want to know her name. Sexiest girl. Miss Shubha
    1. Hindus in India only try to copy dress & night club culture from western civilization but do not want be educated, disciplined & laborious like western people...Thats the major problem...Hindus have become half western and half Indian...Secondly these medieval minded muslims in India do not want to progress in life & always blames west for everything on Earth..Stick to Indian culture and adopt western work culture....
    2. Why do you criticize Hindus.
      Yes we are open minded and working hard towards progress. Why are Muslims so backward in all segments in India. Why they lack education. While Sikhs and Christians are doing amazing. India holds you in regard and Muslims often shame this humanity with terrorism and such stupid comments.
  6. Hate to say.
    This blog shows a primitive male supremacist thinking which is backward.
    Indecent - moreover the 1 picture you have posted is a model. You Muslims crush women and hold them back. You Muslims kill women in name of honor killings - 'just based on suspicion'. How convenient. I think you should get some education. And keep this post here. It only displays your disgusting narrow minded thinking. Any ways how do you know these women are Hindus. I have a friend who is Muslim and she was in one of these marches.

    You are a fool!
    1. well said
  7. Never read anything more ridiculous?! This is not a Muslim Vs Hindu Vs 'any other religion' issue either.

    I think the other of this article and anyone who supports his view or beliefs need to do some research into the term "Rape apologist".

    There is never an excuse for rape and these women who have been protesting on the streets of India are not Hindu women, RAPE does not discriminate. Women and children (men too)are being raped or sexually molested all over our country everyday.

    I would like to ask how much more enraged you would be if some goon decided to grab your private parts or even simply went to the extent of invading your private space. IF possible you would have chosen to respond with the at-most violence if possible.

    Are you claiming that muslim women never get raped? Women are Burkhas are raped there are even reported cases of Muslim children (boys and girls) who are raped and molested within their own families or by Muslim clerics. (Again this is not exclusive to just Muslim communities it happens with other communities too)

    What I find frustratingly amusing is how the other and his supporters have chosen to label every girl that has protested as being Hindu or Buddhist etc. IF you really were present at the demonstrations, this was a sentiment and protest women from all walks of life have participated in irrespective of their religion or lack of one.

    RAPISTS and SEXUAL abusers are the criminals and it DOES not matter what a person wears or what that persons sexual orientation or social lifestyle is there is NO EXCUSE for rape.
  8. I think the writer's mindset is stuck in the 7th century!
  9. This article is the most redicules and stupid thing I have read in yaers! The protesting women are absulutely right!!!
    Don`t you dare accuse any women to want to be sexually assaulted!!! "Decent" clothing won´t protect anyone from rape!!! This isn´t about Hindu or Moslem, this is about women standing up to stop sexual violence against women!!! DONT GIVE UP SISTER WOMEN, GO ON FIGHTING !!!
    You wrighter of this "article" go and f**ck yourself
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  13. only a mindless muslim fanatic can write such idiotic stuff........
    1. I am hindu guy and i agree with this post hinduGirls are becoming slutz not modern..and they only blame others they don't have answers to solve the problem.
    2. Hey 'Pal'. Yeah. So I am a slut. Big deal. And I'm Hindu. Just to remind you, in our 'culture' - Draupadi, by definition she is a slut too. It still gives you no rights to force your dick down my orifices.
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  14. I really don't get what the blogger here wants to specify the religion of the person holding the placard. I do not intend to question your faith or what your religion has taught you, but whatever they have on the placards, they are protesting for a reason. And the reason is for a noble cause that women in our society need security. I totally agree that women are of different sorts, some are darlings and some are complete bitches. Whatever they are, the need of the hour is to ensure their security irrespective of what they want to do do later.

    If clothing is the main culprit, why don't you take a walk along the beaches of Europe, North America and particularly South America? Going by your take on things they should probably be the rape capitals of the whole damn world.

    Look Mr. Blogger, you might be pissed off with some worthless bastards raping women. However, if you are looking at solutions for it from a religious perspective, please learn to respect other faiths as that is the essence of whatever you mention as the "Indian" culture. Not recommending women to wear a hijab and think that they are totally safe, how DUMB can you possibly be man? So do you mean to say that all Muslim women are saints and they don't get a piece of all the action that is going on?? GO GET A DAMN LIFE!!!

    Now to the "educated" "free thinking" women folk. You may continue to be educated and continue to think freely and exercise your freedom to dress the way you like. However, what you need to understand is that although the people who spent their hard earned money to "educate" would have butterflies in the stomach and shitting bricks when you walk out of your homes with your skimpy whatever, please spare a minute to think that out on the streets, the sort of people who would be eyeing you and slurping is not so "educated" or "free thinking" as you might be. So nobody is dictating you on what to wear, rather please have some sense that you are living in a country where cops are reluctant to take down criminals, they are reluctant to even take note of a written complaint. Try to get this to your head that in the law and order department nothing much has changed since the 1800's and we are still a barbaric country that is brimming with crime at every nook and corner. Try to understand that your personal security is completely based on how you carry yourself in this lawless land. I feel ashamed to say that but ladies like the lady with the placard that reads "Just because I show my legs doesn't mean I spread them" well what is your perception of a rape then? They will spread it themselves and do whatever they want with you.

    I am not asking your to cover yourself up in a blanket and walk around. But if you understand the sort of world of unruly people that walk around you, please dress appropriately.

    And for the religious retard who wrote this article, may be the faith that you believe in has many things to offer you personally. But don't think that this is the only religion out there and other people who believe in other faiths and religious are fools. Please learn to respect other religious and when you discuss about general topics please write the same in such a way that it makes sense.

    1. fucking idiot ...USA and Europe highest Number of Rapes occur ass hole.

      A 2007 government report in England says "Estimates from research suggest that between 75 and 95 percent of rape crimes are never reported to the police."
    2. Typical of Pindus believing westernization in the name of modernization.

      Now non-muslim girls in India Justify Drinking. Many rape victim in India also come out to be Drunken girls.
      You wanna justify drinking see in USA too ,,,,,,,,,

      Drug use, especially alcohol, is frequently involved in rape. A study (only of rape victims that were female and reachable by phone) reported detailed findings related to tactics. In 47% of such rapes, both the victim and the perpetrator had been drinking. In 17%, only the perpetrator had been. 7% of the time, only the victim had been drinking. Rapes where neither the victim nor the perpetrator had been drinking were 29% of all rapes.[70] Contrary to widespread belief, rape outdoors is rare. Over two thirds of all rapes occur in someone's home. 31% occur in the perpetrators' homes, 27% in the victims' homes and 10% in homes shared by the victim and perpetrator. 7% occur at parties, 7% in vehicles, 4% outdoors and 2% in bars.[70] From 2000–2005, 59% of rapes were not reported to law enforcement.

      The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics states that 91% of rape victims are female and 9% are male, and 99% of rapists are male.[61] Some types of rape are excluded from official reports altogether (the FBI's definition, for example, used to exclude all rapes except forcible rapes of females), because a significant number of rapes go unreported even when they are included as reportable rapes, and also because a significant number of rapes reported to the police do not advance to prosecution.[62] According to United States Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, there were overall 191,670 victims of rape or sexual assault reported in 2005.[63] Only 16% of rapes and sexual assaults are reported to the police (Rape in America: A Report to the Nation. 1992 and United Nations Populations Fund, 2000a).[64][65] Factoring in unreported rapes, about 5% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail.[66]One of six U.S. women has experienced an attempted or completed rape.[67] More than a quarter of college age women report having experienced a rape or rape attempt since age 14.[68] The U.S. Department of Justice compiles statistics on crime by race, but only between and among people categorized as black or white. The Uniform Crime Reports classifies most Hispanics into the "white" category.[69] There were 194,270 white and 17,920 black victims of rape or sexual assault reported in 2006. According to Anthony Walsh, "Gary LaFree's rape data for the 45-year period revealed that blacks were arrested for rape an average of 6.52 times more often than whites."[69]
    3. hindu/atheist pseudo intellectual haha
      Top 10 Nations where RAPES occur

      See the stats:

      USA is at NUMBER #1 Spot Followed by India #2 then Followed by some american or European Country.
      NO MUSLIM country LIKE UAE, Saudi arabia, Qatar is in top 10..........In countries saudi arabia women cover themselves and are governed under the blanket of SHARIA which is the safest.

      YOUR so called Modern Western country USA that you try to COPY, the country which you say has a lot of freedom and EQUALITY for women, has far more rape occurrences than India.

      Indian non-muslim women are hypocrites they can just create Hype about it Carrying out 'Slut Walks' they just blame others unlike western women. They only blame others but don't take responsibility for anything. They can only blame but they fail to put forward a SOLUTION.
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  15. Sir,

    Women do not wear denim pants (jeans) to appear sexually attractive. They wear them because they are comfortable, durable and functional. They are resistant to stain and can be used many times. So when you say women are attempting to attract men's attention through the way they dress, you are mistaken.
    1. Evey young women dress keeping in mind how men would opposite sex find her. I have met many women who wear tight jeans to show their ass. And net me tell you tight jeans the least comfortable if you compare it to other clothes
  16. Utter waste of an entire blog space. As if people care for your opinion. Maybe there are a few who do but then to hell with you too. I believe every religion in this world tells us "NOT TO COMMIT ADULTERY". If some pea brained citizens have a explanation for the shit that is going on in this country and it is as f*&^ed up as this maybe it is time for them to grow up or kill themselves. Either way nobody gives a shit.
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  23. Sorry ppl I read this non-sense article written by some scoundrel very late ... It's clear She/He is NOT against moral values of Human being, But is against Hinduism and keep on commenting all the girls as Hindus and what they are doing is against moral values. How many of them are Muslims ?
    Guess He is a Muslim and in His Family brought up / Religion, Rape is far acceptable than other things. If that was the fact, Bloody Idiot, You get Your religion corrected first, don;t even dare to open your scum thought towards Hinduism.
    Just because You have a stupid blog, doesn't mean, You can write whatever non-sense, you feel like. Bury Your Hypocratic thought and wake up to the need of the day and environment.
    Get Your facts right first: In Saudi or your 'so' called culture, they don't allow Women to step outside alone anytime or in the evenings or to participate in sports or to grow in the artistic talent, because You don't trust Muslim Women (source: Yahoo), You feel they can easily involve in wrong acts. Which is not the case with others and even Your own thoughts are absolutely chauvinistic and jealousy.
    In any Religion or Caste or Country or Province, these kind of vulgar acts are prohibitive and needs harsher voice against it. Just stick onto that and don't extend your hatredness towards Hinduism ... Be sensible ...
  24. I think the writer has gone totally mad. I have never seen such a rubbish article. First of all writer come out of the 7th century and start respecting girls its their choice what they want to do. We live in India and we have the freedom.
  25. i m hindu girl and i will wear wat i want , it depends on mentality...
  26. Arre behen ke lode .. Hindu or Muslim? does it matter? Now am not speak about how muslim girls expose there body coz that will be sinking down to your level.. Tere ko kya problem hai if they show their body or not? itni problem hai toh close your eyes and sit down coz nobody gives a rat's ass about what you think but stop writing such bullshit about hindu girls.Ass sucker!
  27. main ek hindu brahaminhun and main 10 aged musli ke saath soi hun and i feel wowwwwwwwwwwwwww
  28. Well I just like Muslim skin...........I have taken 7 in my record..........first they showed me fear of allah n rasool.......later wo gyi bhool aur fir humne chataayi use dhool............mazaa aa gya...........!!!

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