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PM Modi's wife Jashodaben 'unhappy' about her security cover, files RTI to seek details

Mahesh Langa, Hindustan Times  Ahmedabad, November 24, 2014
First Published: 21:29 IST(24/11/2014) | Last Updated: 22:21 IST(24/11/2014)
 ed school teacher, presently lives with her brother in a village in north Gujarat.

In her three page well-drafted application, Jashodaben stated, "she is wife of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and seeks to know what facilities she is entitled to get besides the security commandos provided to her by the Gujarat government.

After Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister in May this year, she was provided four commandos at her residence in Brahmanwada village.

"I filed the application asking for details about my security and what else I am entitled," she told HT.

Her brother Ashok Modi said the government should provide her a car and women commandos because she is not comfortable with men commandos.

"Since Narendra Modi himself has acknowledged her as his wife in his election nomination form, she is the first lady and is entitled to get all facilities like Manmohan Singh's wife used to get from the government," her brother Ashok Modi told HT.
In her application, she has stated "she travels by public transport while her body guards travel by official vehicle."

"I should be provided a certified copy of the order under which security is provided to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's family members, brothers, sisters and me," she stated while asking the details to be given within 48 hours as the issue pertains to her life and death matter.

She cited the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her own commandos while stressing, "the commandos assigned to her have no official order by which they have been posted at her residence."

"She deserves to be with Narendrabhai in Delhi because he is no longer an RSS pracharak. He is Prime Minister of India now," Ashok Modi said.

Jashodaben herself had gone to Mehsana Superintendent of Police office to file the application.

The RTI application was filed two days after she gave an interview to a Mumbai-based tabloid in which she said "she would still go with Modi if he calls her once."
Jashodaben Modi, a retired school teacher, presently lives with her brother in a village in north Gujarat.

  • modiji should sent her to Baba ram dev or asaram bapuji's asram for protection
    lol ! modi is providing more security to corrupt Robber vadra than his own wife.
    Poor woman . She should be happy she has not been eliminated in a fake encounter yet.
    Modi ki band bajne wali hai. Wife filing RTI against her husband's govt. Classic....hehehe.
    Jasodaben should not do anything which embarrasses her husband doing great job for the nation. She has lived low profile so far and should continue. Even if Modiji brings her along but won't be able to look after her as he is work alcoholic. She should be content with the security given to her but perhaps she wants a government vehicle now which perhaps will be provided too. Modiji has not provided any vehicle for his mother or his own family members, therefore, expecting differently for Jasodaben or by Jasodaben is illogical.
    So many women on Tv shout on top of their voice calling for Womens rights.
    There are over 1000 womens organisations who claim to work on protecting the Rights and dignity of women in India.
    A NCW which seeks reports on why rights of a women are being violated,crores of Tax Payers money spent on the NCW for nothing.
    Why This kolaveri kolaveri …..
    Its tactics, if Govt
    had given her high security than people would have asked about relation n
    acceptance etc, now taking shadow of RTI and this is also by Smt. Jasodaben so
    Sh. PM would not defame. Ultimately govt will provide Z++ security within 2-3
    Even though, it is strictly a personal matter, we Indians who voted for NaMO request him to officially accept her and take her to his residence; this is the right thing to do and also consistent with the scriptures in whom,the PM believes a lot; this will enhance his, his family's and her family's and country's respect in every way and also will close all controversies; Lord Krishna having eight wives is a yogi still
      We voted for NaMo knowing that he has not lived with his wife for last 40 years. She is wife on paper only, they have no relationship. She should have married again, it is India's discrimination against women and bad religion interpretations,that she is single.
        please hold your tongue;neither you nor me or any one has any right to make even a small comment in any way; my comments are simply my personal opinions; nothing else
      If he accepts her, he has to go to jail. It was a child marriage, which is void in India. Of course, he could declare that he is not married to her and just live with her without being married. That should be okay if that is what these two want.
      If anything, this whole case should result in the complete elimination of child marriage in India. It is RIDICULOUS that some kids are still being forced to marry.
    JCT2 ....some other time, your propaganda has completely exposed now...get some rest, try find some other hot topic about Modi to rant....and good luck
    These blind Modi/BJP supporters are more dangerous to Modi/BJP than evan a monkey. They seem to ignore the simple fact that there is absolutely NO relationship, forget love, between this lady and Modi.
    Otherwise she would not have filed for RTI but could have asked her "husband", the mighty Modi, the King of India now. And Clearly she is not much happy with her security- even for her personal space (might be an excuse for Modi to restrict her movement and spy on her) and safety (as she is scared about the security personnel as well)
      Wont some terrorist simply kidnap her or gun her down for attention if her security is withdrawn. Perhaps the Congress or the AAP can come forward and declare they are responsible for her security and will be accountable if any harm comes to her. That will solve the problem completely, and save the people of India money in the bargain.
        Does that matter to Modi? If it did/does, he would have accepted her as wife long ago and not just before last general election. and then lived with her.
        And if that mattered to her, she would not have filed for RTI but asked her "husband"!
      It is true that there is no relationship between them. So what?? That's a known thing. He left his wife at the age of 17 and you expect them to be on backslapping terms?
        And it was a minor marriage (illegal).
        And now she is not ready to accept that status quo, spying and inconvenience as PM's wife.
          50 yrs back child marriage is not illegal ...!!
          u have to know lot of things KID..!!
            More and more you open your mouth, I am getting more surprised with your knowledge (rather lack of it)....
            DO you know when India became free and when Indian constitution was enforced? Grow up Modi's kid!
              for more INFO you copy any line of this matter you will better about INDIAN constitution KID...i KNOW it's hard to grow so early but you will grow very soon KID..!!
              NEW DELHI: What is the marriageable age for a girl in India? Well, there is no straight answer to this question, thanks to legal loopholes.
              Now, in a bid to dispel doubts, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has asked the government to consider bringing uniformity in the 'marriageable age' and 'age of consent' for girls. The need arises because of the disparity in laws and contradictory court judgments.
              Both the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, and the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, do not term a marriage between a girl below 18 years and boy below 21 years as "illegal" but recognize such unions as void and voidable (that is, there are grounds to quash it in a court of law, if challenged).
              In recent times, however, there have been judgments — where the courts allowed a girl below 18 years, in one case as young as 13 years, to go to her husband respecting her discretion or "age of consent", even though she was yet to attain the legal age of marriage.
                "Going by the law in India, the marriageable age of a girl is 18. While that rule is routinely flouted in communities in which child marriage is prevalent (as in Gujarat), what if a minor girl voluntarily decides to marry the person of her choice and stay with him?"- Times of India, Jul 28, 2013.
                "According to them (Muslim clerics), the present Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 which prescribes 18 as women's legal marital age and 21 for men, violates Muslims' fundamental right to practise their religion" - India Today. September 22, 2013
          Then she should firmly state it that she doesn't consider herself as the wife of Modi and apply for a legal divorce, if that is the only way to make things clear.

          • You have a point.
            The same is applicable to Modi as well. In fact Modi did not mention his marital status till last general election, breaching Election commission laws/norms.

            • If you live apart for 40 years there is no marital status. They probably don't even know each other.

              • Then why Modi mentioned this women as her wife, after not living with her for 30 odd years? I am sure Modi had/has many excellent lawyers friends like Arun Jaitley!
      how do u know their personal relationship & feeling ,
      Does you mother & father telling you what is going on their bed ...?
      Go $uck your pappu D***

      • Convey my greatest respect to your parents for giving you such an excellent linguistic skill, 'education' and upbringing that your comments are reflecting here. Only a tamarind tree can give rise to another tamarind tree.

        • now you understand the so called well educated tamarind tree,
          when I got personal to u , u are having pain so do others also
          So , shut your A***H**** & don't indulge in personal lives & focus on your personal life & wife ...!!

  • JCT2 , who is your wife, is she minor?, is she black? is she virgin? do i have a chance? ................. i want to discuss about all these, is it too personal?
  • She should be provided a big house with all facilities and should be provided a car exclusively for her use. Any how she is the wife of the prime Minister of India.

    • Does she qualify as wife of prime Minister of India, if they have not lived together for 40 years and have no children together. Her brother is foolish in comparing her with Manmohan Singh's wife, who are together for very long period and have three daughters.

  • It's SHAMEFUL for Modi not to give her official wife status and not living with her, neither he is divorcing here. That's the problem in this whole fiasco.
    It's the result of feudal and highly conservative social tradition in Gujarat which Modi seem to firmly believes in. And she is not the one who seem to accept that humiliation as a women in the state where the status of women are among the worst in India, as per data.

    if she can apply for divorce right ...?
    we don't know how much love left between them & how much not ...?
    so, leave them as they want to live & don't indulge in personal lives ...!!

    There can NOT be any LOVE left between them. They hardly know each other.

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