Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Modi’s Hindutva Tamasha

elhi: Girl marries outside caste, murdered by family
HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, November 19, 2014
First Published: 22:20 IST(19/11/2014) | Last Updated: 01:09 IST(20/11/2014)
Three days after she married her boyfriend in a temple, a 21-year-old Delhi University student was murdered by her parents and secretly cremated.
Police said Jagmohan and Savitri Yadav, residents of southwest Delhi’s Dwarka, strangled Bhawna on November 15 for marrying outside the caste. They have confessed to the murder and were arrested on Tuesday, DCP (southwest) Suman Goyal said.
Bhawna, a third-year student of Sri Venkateswara College, married Abhishek Seth, 24, a contractual assistant programmer at Rashtrapati Bhawan, at Arya Samaj Mandir in Connaught Place on November 12. They had met at a party two years ago.
It was a shotgun wedding. Bhawna’s parents, who disapproved of the relationship, had fixed her engagement to a man from their caste on November 22. “They decided to marry, hoping her parents would come around,” said a friend of the couple.
“We went to Abhishek’s house after the wedding and his father told us Bhawna’s parents must be informed. They came and promised to honour the marriage. They took Bhawna away, saying they’d keep her home for a few days and promising to host a grand wedding,” said Vishal, another friend.
When she reached her house in Bharat Vihar, Bhawna was allegedly beaten for dishonouring her family and ordered to divorce Abhishek. Unable to change her mind, her parents strangled her, police said.
After the crime, the Yadavs left by cab for Alwar, Rajasthan, taking the body with them. They told neighbours Bhawna had been bitten by a snake and that they were taking her to an ayurvedic practioner in their native village. “When they reached the village, they told their relatives she’d died on the way. They cremated her and returned to the city,” said a police officer.
Abhishek filed a police complaint on November 16 after failing to get through to her. “Finally, one of her cousins told me she had been cremated,” he said.
The Yadavs told the police Bhawna had died of a snake bite. “But we interrogated them separately and when they gave contradictory versions, we knew they were hiding something. After hours of questioning, they confessed to the murder,” said the officer.

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Arrest Arya Samaj Mandir Marg Pandit and Management. They are a fraud Org. busy in marrying run away couples after collecting very heavy premium. All the Arya Samajs in India are busy in performing fake marriages against high premium instead of Ved Parchar. Swami Dayananda established Arya Samaj for Ved Parchar and not sham marriages. The memers of this arya samaj fully support MEAT EATING. Govt. should erase the arya samaj building.

    • I’m not sure if your problem with Arya Samaj is personal one or based on meat eating or arranging ‘sham’ (inter-caste ?) marriages for heavy premium!
      But your comment shows that you have very less knowledge about actual Indian culture and Hindu religion. You can read this excellent analysis I read sometime ago,
      “Early evolution of religion ushered the dawn of scientific research”- (google the title of go to goo(dot)gl/hVwSl ) This is mainly regarding India and Hinduism.
      Please read that before you post reply or delete my comment.

  • Just yesterday we had this report in this very media- “Incest r@pes in Delhi up, fathers among offenders”.
    I have few questions for those who always accuse the victims. Are those girls wearing western style provocative dresses? Were they out late with their boyfriends? Kissing in public? Watched too much western movies (Chikni Chameli is OK)? Is there any other ways left we can blame those girls for being r@ped?
    I don’t have any. Eureka- Yes, there is one excuse still left!
    They are not “Indian” enough to worry about “family honor” and reported such ‘small’ issues to media and other outsider surveying the issue …… It’s of course the fault of “Western” influence and may be British rule in India! (Yes, check many discussion forums related to India or in Indian media)
    Yet we want them to attend English medium schools that would teach “Indian” value in American accent using iPad; and then get coaching to join IIT as that might increase his/her chance to go abroad. We are not yet sure if the same schools with mud hut and traditional straw thatched roof (of course with AC) can make any difference and name that school as, Guru-cool. Or we can start Saraswati bandana or slokas from holy religious books to make that more “Indian”. Aha….
    It’s a strange balance that many ‘elite’ Indians are trying to get terms with. We want to be ‘modern’ enough to become ‘American’ but traditional enough to keep our dirt below our glittering new carpet; keep on observing all sorts of bratas, superstitions and traditions that made us a perpetually ‘developing’ (yes, we will get hurt if anyone call us poor).
    BTW, it’s well accepted even to the most ‘traditional’ Indian that you/we do all the same thing once you get the H1B or Green card. But then we can blame America directly in academic discussions- after proudly showing wealth or fame any family member gathered (or pretended to have gathered) in the USA or Europe.
    see more

    All those who are advising girls against FB, Mobile, jeans etc are not speaking against soft porn unleashed by bollywood.

    I think it’s better to watch full p@rn than those mainstream bollywood movies that propagate a fully perverted perception on human relationship and s@xuality, typically glorify subservient docile womanhood.
    No wonder Sunny Leon has a her own private jet while most talents (men and women) in bollywood rots and hardly can manage a decent living. Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan etc (who hardly can act) are super stars while Uppal Dutta or Girish Karnad and many more used as jokers or in marginal roles.

  • Totally gruesome act by sick parents and family. They’re murderers and should get maximum punishment allowed by law. Media should cover the punishment in depth so that others dare not ever treat their daughters badly. Its very sad and unfortunate that a section of our society is so narrow minded and mentally / morally backward.

  • This is very sad. Parent suppose to protect kids, guide their lives, not to dictate how and where they should live as adults.
    However, it is all of us responsibility to teach kids that life is very hard ‘as is’. Marrying without loved ones help and consent a life would become miserable. After a while when love sort of fades from marriage then it would become unbearable. Why put yourself through these hardships???

  • india no country for girls…
    Source: HT
    …and i am Sid Harth

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