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Modi Plays With Birds, Oops, Words


Modi Plays With Birds, Oops, Words Modi talks 'SMART ...
2 days ago - Modi Plays With Birds, Oops, Words Modi talks 'SMART' policing, adds new feather in wordplay cap HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times Guwahati, November 30 ...

Modi talks 'SMART' policing, adds new feather in wordplay cap

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times  Guwahati, November 30, 2014
First Published: 12:49 IST(30/11/2014) | Last Updated: 00:57 IST(1/12/2014)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has regularly knocked his opponents down and put his ideas forward by coining new phrases, added yet another one to his list at the 49th DGP/IGPs conference in Guwahati on Sunday.
The latest was 'SMART policing', which put emphasis on the essentials of police job

Advocating the concept, Modi said a country with an efficient intelligence network did not need any arms and ammunition to run the government.

The PM added he wanted a force which took care of the country's law and order in an efficient manner.

"By 'SMART' policing, I mean S for strict but sensitive, M for modern and mobile, A for alert and accountable, R for
reliable and responsive and T for techno-savvy and trained".
Let's sample a few of the acronyms, wordplay and numbers used by the PM:

Shirtfront: Modi used the term "shirtfront" to make fun of his host Abbott. A shirtfronter is an Australian rules term for a front-on challenge that knocks an opponent to the ground.

"(As) the third head of the government you are listening to this week, I do not know how you are doing this," Modi told members of parliament, who were addressed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Monday and Britain's David Cameron last Friday.

"Maybe this is Prime Minister Abbott's way of shirtfronting you!"

Modi admirers are aware of the Prime Minister's penchant for using words in an interesting way. Earlier, Modi had proved his way with words, coining several acronyms and catch phrases, and giving new meanings to well-known abbreviations. Here are some examples.
ABCD: Modi made use of ABCD for slamming the Congress party during an election rally in Punjab. It was "A for Adarsh, B for Bofors, C for coal scam."

NDA: Modi's take on the the BJP-led coalition 'NDA' was "National Development Alliance" during the 2014 general election campaign.

Make in India: Modi reached out to investors by saying "Come, Make in India", eyeing to make the country a manufacturing hub in his Independence Day speech and launched the campaign on September 25.

3Ss: Skill, scale and speed. He said the country needs to focus on imparting skills to its young population in order to compete with China. “If India has to compete with China, the focus should be on skill, scale and speed.”

5Ts: Tradition, Talent, Tourism, Trade and Technology. His government's intent to revive Brand India by riding on the country's strength of 5 Ts.

3Ds: Democracy, Demography and Demand. He reiterated it to Japanese investors saying India offers the three essential 'Ds' for businessmen.

No red tape but red carpet: He was hard-selling India as a manufacturing destination by promising investors saying "there is no red tape but red carpet in India. We have eased off a lot of regulations".

Inch towards Miles: He gave a new terminology to his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. "I call it ‘Inch towards Miles’. INCH is ‘India-China’, towards MILES is ‘Millennium of Exceptional Synergy’. I believe that tomorrow’s meeting will mark a happy beginning towards this goal of ‘Inch towards Miles’.”

G-All: Modi in his address at the UN General Assembly urged for creating a world with sustainable growth and the need for the world to become more united as nations.

"While we speak of an interdependent world, have we become more united as nations? Why can't we have a G-All grouping? Why is it that despite having a wonderful platform like the UN, we still operate in various Gs with different numbers?" said Modi.

"The names of groupings keep changing...G-5, G-7, G-20 and so on. India too is involved in several. But how much are we able to work together as G-1 or G-All? We need a G-All the most. We need to think how to create a G-all atmosphere when the UN is about to celebrate its 70 years," he said.

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    Coordinates: 26°15′43″N 88°45′06″E
    Bangladesh–India border
    Geography of Assam
    Geography of West Bengal
    Border barriers
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    Indo-Bangladeshi barrier
    The border Fence close to the Hili Border station (West-Bangladesh)
    The project has run into several delays and there is no clear completion date for the project yet.[14][15][16] The barrier when complete will be patrolled by the Border Security Force. The fence will also be electrified at some stretches.
    The BSF claims that the barrier’s main purpose is to prevent smuggling of narcotics.[6]
    Barbed wire fencing
    India is constructing the Indo-Bangladeshi barrier, a 3,406 kilometres (2,116 mi) fence of barbed wire
    and concrete just under 3 metres high, to prevent smuggling of
    narcotics. Out of this, 2529 kilometres of fencing was completed at the
    cost of 28.81 billion (US$470 million) by November 2007. The deadline for project completion was set to 2008–09[14]
    By October 2009, about 2649 kilometres of fencing along with about 3326
    kilometres of border roads were completed. The deadline for project
    completion was revised to March 2010.[15] By March 2011, 2735 kilometres of fencing was completed and the deadline was revised to March 2012.[16]
    Assam shares a 263 km of border with Bangladesh out of which 143.9 km is land and 119.1 km is riverine. As of November 2011, 221.56 km of fencing was completed.[17]
    Flood lights
    India has completed Flood lights installation for 277 kilometers in the West Bengal sector.[14]
    Sometimes between 2001-2006 Bangladesh Border security troops (BDR) clashed with the Indian Border Security Force when the fence were build beyond the no man’s land.[18]
    See also
    Bangladesh–India relations
    Indian Kashmir barrier
    Border barrier
    Indo-Burma barrier
    Indo-Bangladesh enclaves
    Dahala Khagrabari #51
    Teen Bigha Corridor
    2001 Indian–Bangladeshi border conflict

    Main article: Indo-Bangladesh enclaves
    The border area is dotted with many Indian territory exclaves
    within Bangladesh, and many Bangladeshi territory (enclave) within
    India. They result from pre-colonial treaties between the Maharajah of Cooch Behar and the Nawab of Rangpur, and were maintained at the time of partition between India and what was then East Pakistan
    in 1947. Residents of the exclaves generally live in miserable
    conditions, lacking access to basic services such as healthcare or
    electricity. These are not provided by their own government, as they are
    isolated from it by a strip of foreign land; nor are they provided by
    the surrounding state. They cannot visit their own country without
    crossing the international border surrounding the territory (enclave).[12]
    In September 2011, the two countries verbally agreed on land swaps
    and resolve the issue, but till November 2013 nothing were done from
    both side. The exclaves’ population, over 50,000 people, would have a
    say in the matter, and each person would ultimately be allowed to choose
    their nationality.[13]


    Bangladesh–India border
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The border has created a narrow strip known as “Chicken’s neck” that has made the communication and transportation between mainland India and Northeast India inconvenient
    Bangladesh and India
    share a 4,096-kilometer (2,545-mile)-long international border, the
    fifth-longest land border in the world, including 262 km in Assam, 856 km in Tripura, 18 km in Mizoram, 443 km in Meghalaya, and 2,217 km in West Bengal.[1] The Bangladeshi Divisions of Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet and Chittagong
    are situated along the border. A number of pillars mark the border
    between the two states. Small demarcated portions of the border are
    fenced on both sides.[citation needed]
    Further information: Radcliffe Line
    The border of Bangladesh first came into being when the Bengal Presidency was created by the British. When India became independent from Great Britain in 1947, the country was divided among Muslim and non-Muslim majority areas. Likewise the provinces of Punjab, Bengal and the Sylhet district of Assam were also bifurcated
    and the border came into being. Muslims were the majority in the
    western part of India and the eastern part of Bengal province. These two
    areas formed the new Islamic republic of Pakistan. The eastern part, East Pakistan, became the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.
    The border divides the Ganges delta region and the Sundarban mangrove
    forest. It is crisscrossed by a large number of rivers. The area is
    mostly flat with slight hilly terrain in Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura and
    Mizoram sections. The border area is densely populated. The land is
    extremely fertile and is cultivated right up to the border pillars.
    Sometimes the border line passes right through villages, even buildings.
    The area is patrolled by the Indian Border Security Force BSF of India and BGB, formerly known as Bangladesh Rifles or BDR of Bangladesh.
    The border is used as a route for smuggling livestock, food items,
    medicines and drugs from India to Bangladesh. Moreover, illegal
    immigrants from Bangladesh cross the border to India. Because of a large
    number of illegal immigrants crossing from Bangladesh into India, a
    controversial shoot-on-sight policy has been enforced by the Indian
    border patrols.[2][3][4] This policy was initiated with reports of violence between the illegal migrants and Indian soldiers.[5] The border has also witnessed occasional skirmishes between the Indian Border Security Force and the Border Guards Bangladesh, most notably in 2001.
    In July 2009, Channel 4 News reported that hundreds of Bangladeshis
    were killed by the BSF along the Indo-Bangladeshi Barrier. The BSF
    claims that the barrier’s main purpose is to check illegal immigration
    and to prevent cross-border terrorism.[6]
    In 2010, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued an 81-page report which
    brought up uncountable abuses of the BSF. The report was compiled from
    the interviews taken from the victims of BSF torments, witnesses,
    members of the BSF and its Bangladeshi counterpart.
    The report stated that over 1000 Bangladeshi citizens were killed
    during the first decade of the 21st century. According to HRW, BSF did
    not only shoot illegal migrants or smugglers but even innocents who were
    seen near, sometimes even people working in fields (farmland) near the
    border. .[7]
    BSF has often been accused by Bangladesh
    government of incursions into Bangladesh territory, and indiscriminate
    shooting of civilians along the India-Bangladesh borders. This was in
    retaliation to massive illegal immigration from Bangladesh to India, for which the Indo-Bangladeshi Barrier is underway/[8]
    In a news conference in August 2008, Indian BSF officials admitted that
    they killed 59 illegals (34 Bangladeshis, 21 Indians, rest
    unidentified) who were trying to cross the border during the prior six
    months.[9] Bangladeshi media accused the BSF of abducting 5 Bangladeshi children, aged between 8 and 15, from the Haripur Upazila in Thakurgaon District of Bangladesh, in 2010. The children were setting fishing nets near the border.[10]
    In 2010, Human Rights Watch has accused the Border Security Force for
    the indiscriminate killings. BSF forces badly beaten, physically abused,
    Raped (later killed and hanged the dead body over the fence) Ms. Felani
    (a 15 years old Bangladeshi girl) on 7 January 2011.[11]
    Many conferences have been held between India and Bangladesh to discuss such issues as smuggling and trespassing, cattle lifting, trafficking of drugs and arms. Colonel Muhammad Shahid Sarwar of Bangladesh Rifles gave Border Security Force a list of miscreants which took place in India, and the BSF side also handed over a similar list to the BDR.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers at Sarusajai stadium on Sunday. Picture by UB Photos n See Metro
    • The India-Bangladesh land-swap deal was
    signed in 2011 between then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Bangladesh
    PM Sheikh Hasina but was opposed in Assam and Bengal
    • Assam will get 397.50 acres of land from
    Bangladesh, while it has to part with 267.5 acres. Overall, India will
    part with 111 enclaves (17,160 acres) to Bangladesh and receive 51
    enclaves (7,110 acres)
    • States to be affected: Assam, Bengal, Meghalaya and Tripura
    Bill status
    • The UPA-II government had introduced the
    amendment bill in December 2013 to facilitate land-swap deal amid
    strong protests by Trinamul Congress and the AGP
    • The Constitution (119th Amendment) Bill,
    2013, was subsequently referred to the standing committee on external
    affairs, headed by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor
    • The panel has reportedly unanimously approved the bill, while recommending that interests of the states be kept in mind
    • The bill is likely to be tabled in the ongoing session of Parliament sometime next week
    Other highlights
    • There was nothing on issues like NRC
    update, flood and erosion, big dams, ST status and talks with outfits
    though Modi said commitments made during the Lok Sabha poll campaign
    will be kept
    • It was a full house (about 35,000) at
    the stadium but the crowd started thinning four minutes into Modi’s
    20-minute speech. Most attributed it to his appeal to party workers to
    leave in a disciplined manner and not to leave behind any litter
    • Focus on membership drive
    • Leaders exhorted workers to get ready to throw out the Congress in the 2016 Assembly polls
    Source: Telegraph

    AICC secretary Bhupen Kumar Borah said
    today’s developments reflect the BJP’s double standards — be it influx
    or big dam or the National Register of Citizens (NRC).
    Assam PCC chief spokesperson Mehdi Alam
    Bora said his party’s stand on the deal had been vindicated. “Modi’s
    statement shows that the BJP only misled people for political benefits.
    They only spread lies to win elections.”
    AASU president Shankar Prasad Ray said not
    an inch of land of India and Assam should be given away or they would
    launch an agitation.
    “Last evening, during our meeting with him
    (Modi), he assured us that he would look into the problems such as NRC
    update, influx and floods, but asked us to give him some time. Now he
    takes a U-turn. We request him to review any decision in favour of the
    deal, which should be scrapped,” Ray said.
    Founding AGP president and MLA Prafulla
    Kumar Mahanta tweeted, asking the Centre to clear its stand on the land
    deal as well as matters related to issuing visas to Bangladeshis.
    The rally was also used to sound the poll
    bugle for the 2016 Assembly polls where the BJP has emerged as the main
    challenger to the ruling Congress along with the AIUDF.
    Senior leaders who spoke before Modi called on party workers to work towards voting out the Congress.
    Modi also said in his speech, “The BJP
    doesn’t do politics of casteism, communalism or regionalism. We believe
    in the politics of nationalism, development.”

    The BJP state unit had strongly opposed
    the land-swap deal inked by the erstwhile UPA-II government and had even
    made it an issue in the last Lok Sabha elections, saying the party
    would not allow even an inch of Assam land to be given away.
    “Modiji only gave general
    assurances of solving the problems of Assam. He has not made his mind
    clear on the sensitive land-swap deal issue but the ‘short-term loss’
    bit is enough to trigger a storm. He has left behind a massive problem.
    We will have a tough time dealing with the land deal issue. There was
    nothing on influx either. A time-bound plan to rid Assam of influx would
    have been great,” a senior leader said, articulating the concerns of
    the state unit.
    Another leader, quoting a RSS pracharak
    sitting next to him, said the speech “lacked” substance. “We are
    focussing on our membership drive but how will our members motivate
    others without any clear-cut agenda?” he asked.
    Even before Modi left for Imphal, the Congress, the AASU and the AGP pounced on the BJP on his views on the land deal.
    Chief minister Tarun Gogoi told The Telegraph, “I will react tomorrow.”
    Like Modi, Gogoi had also tried to sell
    the deal as one beneficial to Assam. He had promised that the state’s
    security would never be compromised and that Assam would be able to
    fence off the India-Bangladesh border, if the deal was ratified. Unlike
    Gogoi, his party colleagues were only too eager to cash in on the
    opportunity provided by Modi to call the BJP’s bluff.

    I got some of my own wordplay for Momo.
    Modi’s Land Swap Mess
    November 30, 2014
    Modi leaves party in a quandary
    PM ‘supports’ land-swap deal
    Assam BJP leaders present a memento to Modi on Sunday. Picture by UB Photos
    Guwahati, Nov. 30: Prime
    Minister Narendra Modi today said India and Assam’s interests would be
    protected while dealing with the sensitive India-Bangladesh land-swap
    Though Modi did not categorically spell
    out his views on the deal, he dropped broad hints about his government
    being in favour of the pact, which was opposed by the state unit of the
    BJP, the AGP and the AASU, among others, when the UPA-II government
    tried to get it ratified last year.
    “I came before the Lok Sabha polls and
    gave certain assurances. I am telling you again that the government in
    Delhi is committed to solving your problems and would respect your
    sentiments. On the land-swap deal also, I will keep the interests of the
    country in mind and move ahead. I will also keep the interests of Assam
    in mind. Whatever we will do may appear to be a loss in the short term
    but ultimately will do things which will only benefit Assam in the long
    run. I have come to assure the people of Assam on this,” Modi said at a
    massive BJP workers’ rally held here this afternoon. Modi was on a
    two-day visit to the state since yesterday, his first as Prime Minister.
    He had campaigned extensively in Assam
    during the Lok Sabha polls and used today’s rally to thank party workers
    for the good showing in the polls and exhorted them to work with the
    same zeal in the future. The BJP had won seven of the 14 Lok Sabha seats
    in the state, its best showing till date, at the cost of the ruling
    The other sensitive issue Modi touched
    upon during his speech was the influx of Bangladeshis. “We will close
    all routes through which they come to Assam. You believe my words. I am
    saying it with full responsibility. I will see to it that no harm comes
    to Assam,” Modi said, while exhorting party workers and leaders to work
    hard to boost the ongoing membership drive, which will end in March.
    Party insiders said Modi’s speech had to be cut short because of time constraints.
    Modi’s views apparently did not enthuse a
    section of state BJP leaders/workers who had expected something more
    concrete from him on the state’s problems. They were also worried about
    attacks by political rivals on Modi’s views.

    Source: HT

    ...and I am Sid Harth

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